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Vision and Mission


Vision & Mission

·      Vision  -  An urban oasis where nature, people and culture are in harmony.

·      Garden Mission  -  The Mission of Mead Botanical Garden is to enrich the community through the discovery, enjoyment and celebration of nature and the cultural arts.

·      MBG Inc. Organizational Mission  -  Raise support, grow the organization and create a garden that is the jewel of Winter Park.



·      Stewardship (Demonstrating accountability, conservation ethic, sustainable practices)

·      Integrity (Standing for respect, excellence, and sound management)

·      Enrichment (Embracing culture, knowledge, learning, and discovery)

·      Collaboration (Working  together with creativity and care)

·      Harmony (Balancing garden wildlife, community and culture)

·      Leadership (Anticipating the future; guiding the direction)

·      Community (Actively engaging a diverse, inclusive and connected community)

·      Discovery (Learning through exploration and experience)

·      Fun (Making it enjoyable)


Updated and Approved by MBG, Inc., Board, May 10, 2013

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