Florida Mushrooming with Jon Martin

Florida Mushrooming with Jon Martin

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Saturday, Sep. 7 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Are you ‘shroom-curious? Learn all about wild mushrooms with Fungi Jon at Mead Botanical Garden as Florida’s mushroom season begins! Jon Martin will show you how to identify wild mushrooms with ease. You’ll familiarize yourself with local Florida species, learn how to utilize wild fungi, learn bits on cultivation & photography, and mush, mush more! This class includes a full indoor identification workshop with an outdoor “golden hour” mushroom stroll where we’ll see what Florida’s early mushroom season has to offer at Mead Botanical Garden! Anyone with a passion for nature is encouraged to join and learn about the fascinating world of fungi in this comprehensive class.

Students will be introduced to and gain an understanding of mycology concepts, the importance of mushrooms in forest ecosystems, human uses of mushrooms, fungal taxonomy, descriptive terminology, methods of identification, proper collection/preservation techniques, major groups of mushrooms, common genera & species, edible and medicinal mushrooms, toxic and deadly mushrooms, reference resources, mushroom photography, and more. Images of mushrooms from Central Florida will be shown in addition to dried and/or live specimens which will be examined and described by participants.

Local reference books, identification tools, and other goods from Fungi Jon will be available for purchase.