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GROWvember - Fall Plant Sale
FSYO performs in The Grove
The Great DUCK!
Next Great Duck Derby -- Feb 28, 2015


What's all the Quacking About? The Great Duck Derby!

Join us for a great day in the great outdoors at the Great Duck Derby!


Thank you, air potato warriors!

Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the weather and came out for the 3rd Annual Air Potato Raid on Saturday, January 24. We had 40 volunteers who clocked 100 hours to collect a total of 146 lbs of potatoes! Amazing! 

Winter birding in Mead Garden

Although we haven't seen the variety of birds that we have in spring or fall, there is plenty to see during the winter months in Mead Botanical Garden if you take some time to look.

Our winter residents include flocks of yellow-rumped and palm warblers, especially down in the wetland area. We've seen robins, goldfinches, wrens and catbirds.

Camellia Show and Festival!

If you love camellias, Mead Botanical Garden is the place to be… especially on Saturday, January 17, 2015. That’s when the Camellia Society of Central Florida will host its annual Camellia Show at the Winter Park Garden Club in the heart of Mead Garden. You won’t want to miss the hundreds upon hundreds of blossoms on display in the show or the incredible array of bushes blooming in Mead Garden.


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