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GROWvember - Fall Plant Sale
Annual Backyard Biodiversity Day
Backyard Biodiversity Day
Volunteers make it happen - THANK YOU!
FSYO performs in The Grove
The Great DUCK!
Next Great Duck Derby -- Feb 28, 2015
Young Naturalist Summer Camp
Young Naturalist Summer Camp


Fall Plant Sale, November 8, 2014

Fall is a fabulous time to plant in Florida! With a MULTITUDE of excellent horticultural vendors, finding a great selection of high quality plants is fun and easy at the


at Mead Botanical Garden
Saturday, November 8, 2014
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Monarch Waystation Planting, November 15

Grab your gloves and join us on Saturday, November 15 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. and help us build a home for the monarchs! 

You’ve probably heard that monarch populations have been on the decline due to significant habitat loss. Specifically, they are losing their larval food source, milkweed, which grows in many of the areas that we humans desire for development. Monarch caterpillars eat only milkeed, and monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed. So... no milkweed means no monarchs! 

Backyard Biodiversity Day, October 18

2nd Annual Backyard Biodiversity Day and Native Plant Sale
October 18, 2014

presented by the Tarflower Chapter 
of the Florida Native Plant Society
and Mead Botanical Garden

Backyard Biodiversity Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the native flora and fauna. Come out and enjoy noted speakers, workshops, informative hikes and a huge native plant sale! 

The FREE, family-friendly event features:  

Rollins Art Classroom Extends to Mead Garden

Mead Botanical Garden is the focal point for Professor Rachel Simmons and Dana Hardgrove’s freshman art classes.

The entire class of 40 walk together from the college campus with their paints, sketch pads, and cameras in hand. These newcomers from around the world, are becoming familiar with their new college town and their local garden.


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