$2,000 and above

Center Street Partners

$1,000 -$1,999

Beverly and Roy Lassiter
City of Winter Park,
Parks and Recreation Department
Dexter and Allison Richardson
Dexter’s Restaurants
Ed and Maria Leerdam
Epoch Properties, Inc.
Fannie Hillman & Associates, Realtors
Harold and Libby Ward
Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic, P.A.
Jim and Alexis Pugh
Keewin Real Property Co.
Kenneth and Ann Hicks Murrah
Miller Hardware
Morgan Stanley
Genie and Bob Stine
Swann & Hadley, P.A.
The Richard Bosserman Family
Thomas Cleary/John McNally
Winter Park Garden Club

$500 – $999

Alice and Jerry Mikkleson
Barbara D. and Dr. Gary DeVane
Bob and Betty Hartnett
Claire and Glenn Fournier
David and Linda Hughes
Deirdre and Craig Macnab
Doug and Cheree Foreman
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Stieg
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Facundus
Hon. Lou Jr. and Marcia Frey Family
Jean Dorminy
Jeffrey and Caroline Blydenburgh
John and Martha Jennings
Leila Jammal Nodarse and Sons
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Saurman
Nora Firestone Schell
Steve and Sue Foreman
Terry and Carol Hadley
The Andy McCorkle Family
The Grindstaff Family
The Neitzel Family

$250 – $499

Andrea Scudder Evans
Ann L. Higbie
Bob Meherg
Bradley D. Blum
Brenda Wood
Carol Hille
Charlotte B. Everbach
Clarissa Howard
Cynthia Newton Edmonds
Diane Reece
Diane Thornton
Dr. Andrew Dobradin
Dr. Elizabeth Camm
Evelyn M. Mueller
Forbes Johnson
Ilona Lang & Charles Mitchell
Jan Reker
Jane Courter
Jean Hsu
Jeffrey York
Joan Ochs
Karina A. Veaudry-White
Kathleen Hightower
Linda & Charles Kulmann
Linda Keen
Margery L. Pabst
Maria Rubin
Martha Scearce
Mary Anne Freyer
Michele Carlton
Micheline Kramer
Mrs. Liz Whitley
Nancy Prine
Nancy Shea Bagby
Philip & Cynthia Wood
Rene Kelley
Sara B. Johns
Sarah Sprinkel
Sigrid Tiedtke
Wally and Carolee Philips
in Memory of Steve Philips