Memories, Milestones and Momentum ~
10 Years of MBG Volunteer and Partner Commitment

Thank You “Friends of Mead Garden” Volunteers, Partners & City Staff!

Your work has taken root and, because of you, the garden is flourishing with beauty, activity and promise.

Through the years, so many have generously shared their time, talent, energy, expertise, wisdom and wealth with the goal of revitalizing Mead Botanical Garden for our citizens, children and visitors.

With grateful appreciation to all “Friends of Mead Garden,” we joyfully say, “THANK YOU!”

Join our team of outstanding volunteers!

Horticultural Leadership
Ann Clement
Randy Knight
Catherine Bowman
Susan League
Stacey Matrazzo
Alice Mikkleson

Horticultural “Dream Team” Volunteers 2012-2013

250+ Hours
Georgene Parsons

200+ Hours
Arienne Glover

150+ Hours
Sheila Anderson
Bill Frazier
Jeff Gilbert
Nancy Tyree

100+ Hours
Jerry Dooley

50+ Hours
Jane Butler
Paul Butler
Adam Crum
Debra Crum
Cynthia Fraga
Nancy Newton

Garden Volunteers
Cathy Barge
Ron Blair
Daniel Bowen
Cartel Brown
AJ Costello
Don Cunningham
Ceme Curley
Song DeLong
Pete Dunkelberg
Tiffany Dobrzykowski
Janice Elsheimer
Bill Foster
Roberta Foster
Bianca Gutron
Bunker Hill
Kay Hudson
Tony Jones
Jennifer Kroskey
Rachel Miller
Scott Mudge
Nancy Newton
Nancy Powell
Jackie Rolly
Jeanine Scarbourgh
Carol Scarlett

2003–2013 Improvements & Programs Launched

  • City maintenance operations relocated
  • Maintenance Facility renovated & new Education Center established
  • Well pump installed to expand Garden’s irrigation system
  • Consistent spray program instituted to control invasives
  • Trees planted throughout Garden
  • Tree inventory completed
  • Butterfly Garden restored & maintained
  • Camellia Society & Breakfast Rotary maintained historic camellias
  • Community Garden established
  • Pet waste stations installed
  • Signage of future plans & improvements installed
  • Greenhouse & fish pond restored & plants installed
  • Legacy & Learning Garden established
  • Clay pit & storm water project completed
  • Wrought fencing at Pennsylvania & Melrose Avenues installed
  • Pole barn restored
  • Camellia Show & Festival moved to Garden
  • The Grove Pavilion completed
  • Annual Duck Derby family events held
  • Fall & Spring Birdwatching Walks
  • Geocaching sites located in Garden
  • On-going plant sales held
  • Spud Hunt/Air Potato Raids held
  • Night-blooming cereus celebrated
  • Visiting garden & horticultural club talks
  • Volunteer field trips
  • Edible plant walks
  • Winter Park Christmas Parade
  • Work days with Church, school and Scout groups
  • Young Naturalist Summer Camp expanded

Momentum – Future Programs, Plans & Improvements

  • Pond restoration project
  • Advancement of Master Plan
  • Lake Lillian wetlands restoration
  • Discovery Barn & Office renovation
  • Horticultural & Environmental Programming
  • Concerts & cultural programming
  • Historic Amphitheatre restoration
  • Brand development; Garden & Venue marketing
  • Backyard Biodiversity Day
  • Family fun & environmental programs
  • Fall & Spring migratory bird walks
  • New planting additions to historic Camellia Garden
  • Perimeter planting enhancements
  • Wildlife habitat plantings
  • Native plant demonstration areas installed
  • Gateway and entrance improvements

Other Key Volunteers & Partners
Libertad Anderson
Elane Antley
Troy Attaway
Mark Ausley
Sandy Bonus
Robert Bowden
Barbara Buchele
City of Winter Park
Leaders & Staff
Parks & Recreation
Public Works
Electric Utility
Urban Forestry
Central Florida Camellia Society
Phyllis Dotherow
Tim Egan
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission
Florida Native Plant Society – Tarflower Chapter
Full Sail University
The Geneva School
Amy Giannotti
Juanita Grant
Deborah Greene
Keisha Jones
Sam Jones
Keep Winter Park Beautiful
Bruce Kern
Randy Knight
Bob Kovacevich
Linda Kulmann
David Lamphear
Sgt. Jamie Loomis
Tom MacCubbin
Dru Dennison
Tim Maslow
Bill McFarland
Nancy McLean
Congressman John Mica
Forest Michael
Johnny Miller
Tommy Mitchell
Brenda Moody
Ronnie Moore
Ann and Kenneth Murrah
Beth Neidlinger
Joan Ochs
Orange Audubon Society, Larry Martin
Orange County Alternative Community Service
Orange County Dept. Environmental Protection
Peabody Hotel Orlando
Nancy Prine
Dexter Richardson
Rollins College
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Ann Saurman
Dick Smith
Summer Camp Counselors in Training
Chuck Trice
Trinity Preparatory School
Heide Evan Waldron
Winter Park Methodist Church
Cynthia Wood