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Board of Trustees

The elected Board of Trustees supervises the affairs of the organization. Beginning January 2012, member term limits of two (2) three year terms were initiated. Terms are staggered to allow one third of the board seats to be elected each year. Dates show term classification as members move from 'original board' to limited term seats.  Members may be re-elected after one year off the board.

Board Chairman 2016-17
Terms: #1 2013-2015;  #2 2016-2018
Board President 2014-152010-2011
Executive Director April 2011-April 2012

Architect, Lighthouse Leisure International, Inc.
Jeffrey’s professional experience ranges over 35 years of managing projects in the US and internationally. He and his wife, Caroline, are FMG charter members and he has served on the board since 2004.

Board Secretary 2016-17
Terms: #1 2013-2015;  #2 2016-2018
Retired Orlando Health Volunteer Director, Community Leader
Carol brings experience from 17 years of directing volunteers at Orlando Health. She is a member of the Winter Park Garden Club and comes from a long line of farmers and garden lovers. She originated and chaired the first GROWvember Plant Sale

Term: #1 2015-2018
Director of Events and Sponsorship for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, proud Winter Park native and UF Graduate.  She loves animals, nature and brings great experience initiating and managing community events. 

Chair, Education
Term: #1 2012-2014, #2 2015-2017
Community Volunteer, former Science Educator, Tech hobbyist.

Sue joined the board as liaison to Lakes Advisory Board in 2004. Her contributions include communications, planning, learning, serving as Secretary, and chairing the Education Task Force and VP-Program/Place. She and her husband, Steve, are charter members.


Term: #1 2014-2016
Managing Partner, Government Services Associates

Bob served on the original Mead Botanical Garden board from 2003 to 2008.  A former state representative, he brings vast experience needed by MBG during this growth period.

Official representative of City of Winter Park
Director, Parks and Recreation Department, City of Winter Park

When John first began working for the City many moons ago, his office was in the Garden. He has guided and supported efforts to revitalize the garden ever since.

Board Vice Chair, 2016-2017 
Term: #1 2014-2016 
Floridian Bank, Vice President & Branch Manager

Having grown up in Central Florida, Charlene spent many afternoons enjoying the Garden with her family. Through her company, she has participated in the Duck Derby over the years. Her daughter has served as a camp counselor and son as a volunteer.

Chair, Development & Donor Relations
Terms: #1 2013-2015: #2 2016-2018
VP Development & Donor Relations
KeeWin Investments and Real Estate

One of the founders of the Friends of Mead Garden in 2004, Linda returns to the board to help with this next phase of growth.

Chair, Governance
Founding President
Terms: #1 2013-2015, #2 2016-2018
WP Garden Club and Community Leader

Beverly and her cohorts gathered the first group of citizens in 2003 and formed the Friends of Mead Garden. She served as the first president and continued to lead as Restoration Committee Chair and most recently as Development Chair.

Term #1 2014-2016
Chair, Horticulture
Community Volunteer

Susan has served on the boards of Cornell Fine Arts, Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Orlando Shakespeare Theater. In addition to her experience in the arts, she brings skills in writing and enthusiasm for Garden programming.

2012-2015 #1
VP/Operations                                                            Commercial Real Estate Management

Beverly's  professional designations include a Florida Real Estate License and Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Ball State University. She joined the board in 2011.

2014-2016 #1
Railey Harding & Allen, P.A., Practice areas: Banking, Corporate & Securities, Election Law, Estate Planning, Pederal Tax, Health Care, Nonprofit, Real Estate, Regulatory, Transactional

Nora hosted MBGs first Stone Soup volunteer celebration in 2012 and her talented family created the cupcake tree, added zest to the Christmas Parade gang, and enjoyed summer camp. In addition to her professional expertise, Nora is an enthusiastic gardener and Camellia Society member.


Lyzette is an Attorney and Mediator. Her previous commitment to natural spaces included stewardship for a National Park Foundation. Lyzette has enjoyed the soothing sounds of Mead Botanical Garden since moving to Winter Park 25 years ago. Now a community garden novice, she hopes her devotion to the garden will turn into a better vegetable harvest!

2013-2015 #1
MBG, Inc. Board President - 2011-13
Retired Manufacturer and Community Leader

Bill joined the board in 2009.  As a boy, he was run out of the garden for riding his bike through the woods. Today, he is more than welcome in the garden.

Emeritus Trustees:


Dori served as FMG President for two years, leading the organization through major governance transitions, pivotal next steps in the Master Plan, and initial planning stages for the city lease and the Environmental Learning C

enter. Dori's business wisdom and public relations skill set the enterprise in the right direction.  Dori and her husband, Jim, are charter members and Dori continues to advise MBG on marketing and PR issues. 


ALICE MIKKLESON, Master Gardener and Community Leader

Alice and her cohort, Rene Kelly, were honored in 2009 by the City of Winter Park for their diligence and determination in cleaning up Mead Garden. She’s the original “Weed Warrior” and leader of volunteer groups doing whatever it takes. In recognition of a decade of passionate work in the garden, in August 2013 the Board named the little lake located in the heart of the garden,  "Alice's Pond." 


****Beloved Trustee served from 2009 to Sept 2015.  Her death leaves us saddened and yet grateful for her steady diligence, humor and wisdom.  She is greatly missed.  Beachy joined the board in 2009.  She took over as Head Duck Master for the 2012 and 2013 Duck Derby and was the leader of quacking great events.




Marcia was president of the Winter Park Garden Club during the initial years of FMG. She and her husband, Lou, are charter members. She has served on the FMG Board since the beginning, serving as Duck Derby Chair, Secretary and Chair of Message/Marketing



Past Treasurer and on-going advisor.  Retired CPA & Financial Planner (McDirmit, Davis & Company)  Bob has been active in Kiwanis for 20 years, and has served on many boards including the Center for Drug Free Living, House of Hope and Boone High School Foundation


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